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The Ora teapot’s double-wall glass eliminates the need for a handle.


Details: Designed by Paul Loebach for Kikkerland, the thermal properties of Ora’s double wall glass keeps tea inside warm for long periods, and also assures that the outside is never hot to touch – making it easy to hold, carry, and pour while filled with hot tea without the need for a handle.


“The slim profile of the 400ml pot can be held comfortably with one hand, and the clean silhouette takes a minimum of space for storage in the kitchen, unlike the typical bulbous teapot shape.” says Loebach.


“The teapot’s aesthetic was inspired by laboratory glassware, which uses the same tempered borosilicate glass. Ora has a generous glass thickness, giving the teapot a substantial weight, durability, and confidence in use.”


A cork top is naturally water resistant and a standard removable wire spring filters loose tea from pouring into the cup.


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