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The Guest by Jaime Hayon, Tim Biskup and Devilrobots

From Lladro, a series of unexpected, ground-breaking characters from the venerated artistic porcelain brand. The first six “Guests” reflect the personal universe of each collaborating artist: Jaime Hayon, American artist Tim Biskup and Japanese Studio Devilrobots.


The Guest by Tim Biskup

The Guest project was created by Jaime Hayon for Lladro Atelier, an invitation to cutting-edge artists from around the world to lend a distinctive personality to a singular porcelain being.


The Guest by Jaime Hayon

Says Lladro, “This new concept is an opportunity for the brand’s designers to work hand in hand with outside artists to create new and exciting ideas in porcelain… The Guest project becomes a platform for the collaboration of artists from different disciplines with a worldwide leader in the creation and commercialization of artistic porcelain.”


The Guest by Devilrobots

The first three Guests are available in two sizes, a large in a limited edition of 250 units and a small in a numbered series. The works are handcrafted at the brand’s workshops in Valencia, following an entirely artisan process.


“The profound knowledge of porcelain, the specialized technique of the decorating team and the close collaboration with the artists resulted in the creation of pieces unexpectedly amusing and ground-breaking.”



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