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The Fox table lamp has a dimmable nose.

Details: Part of Gunnar Soren Petersen’s Gren Light series, The Fox table lamp is a further development of “gren”, connectors where “porcelain is the logical material choice due to its durability, aesthetics and natural origin to create a lighting system” says the designer.


The gren project (gren is Danish for branch) is inspired by nature, trees or more specifically branches, with the goal to develop a new, modular connector system.

The Fox table lamp has a dimmable nose

Adds Petersen, “The system’s several possibilities offer an enormous freedom in creating customized and individual objects. Indeed, gren is meant to be an organically composed structure that grows like a tree. Freely and playfully – even chaotically, since the only controls are the five different connectors.”


The gren project originated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and evolved at the University of the Arts in Berlin.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.




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