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The Ever-enders by Benjie Heu, Carmela Laganse & Pattie Chalmers


A group exhibition of work by ceramicists Benjie Heu, Carmela Laganse and Pattie Chalmers exposes ideas about identity from an outsider’s point of view. The Ever-enders is a title that reflects observations from the periphery and refers to that position in skipping rope that precluded any real action or jumping in. The work of the three sculptors may appear at first as whimsy, but reveal a slightly darker aspect when studied as a whole. Mounted together as an installation, the pieces combine to form a variety of relationships and experiences.

Artists: Benjie Heu, Carmela Laganse & Pattie Chalmers




The Ever-enders runs through April 9, 2011 at Lynn Merhige Gallry in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Carmela Laganse


Pattie Chalmers


Installation view


Installation view

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