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The Birth light explores the meaning of life.

Details: Designer Satoshi Itasaka, of Japanese studio h220430, ponders the meaning of life with The Birth chandelier, inspired by the weak electrical current that occurs in an ovum at the moment of the fertilisation.


Says Itasaka, “Today, the loss of life and humanitarian suffering due to racism and terrorism is considerable. Besides, it is now possible to make human beings artificially. Considering all that, it seems that the value of ‘life’ is transforming, and therefore, it is time to re-think ‘life’.”


“Birth is a chandelier inspired by the weak electrical current that occurs from an ovum at the very moment of the fertilisation. I hope this work will provide opportunities to recognise the beauty of life.”


Source: Photos by Elly. Via MOCO Submit.




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2 thoughts on “The Birth light explores the meaning of life.

November 1, 2015 design studio Willem van de Weert Reply

Great deisgn,
love the sci-fi feel to it!

This is i say is the minimalistic design yet so powerful.
I like the idea and the way it is executed.
It seems so original to me.

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