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The Beautiful Moment by Yangyang Pan


It is the sudden jolt when you become acutely aware of your surroundings. It is the sharp intake of breath that coincides with a double take. It is the ache of longing for the intangible: the very essence of what you see before you. It is the realization that there exists something bigger than you and your nitty-gritty. It is when you cease to see with only your eyes, when clarity is delivered with your whole being. It is the beautiful moment.

Yangyang Pan’s new body of work is a rich representation of this moment. Her series is composed of quiet landscapes and lush florals with brushstrokes that are a call to action; they challenge, mesmerize and tease. And just when you think you have to pull away, you become aware of what Yangyang has done: she’s made the moment last.

Artist: Yangyang Pan



The Beautiful Moment runs through November 3, 2013 at Parts Gallery in Toronto.




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