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Teen Zone

teen_zone_book_2The name may be vintage 80’s, but the design is from today. And teens aren’t the only ones who’ll appreciate the interior designs in this book. I have friends with teens and as the book asserts; “when kids hit the teenage years, a new challenge is born in the life of the family home and the home’s current layout may need radical readjusting-and new issues, from controlling noise to allowing privacy, arise.”. Those parents updated rooms in their home that, yes, were teen friendlier, but mostly made the parents happy. Teen Zone will no doubt make teens + parents MoCo design fans happy as it goes about suggesting ideas for games zones, dens and media rooms (as well as bedrooms, family spaces, and even a section on self-contained living for kids who’ve finished school, but haven’t yet flown the nest). Paperback, 160 pages, 250 color photographs, $29.79 at Amazon.

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