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Tê Tea Machine by Cambridge Consultants

te_tea_machine_cambridge_consultants.jpg Coffee gets the spotlight, but tea Рsecond most popular drink after water Рis really the thing, a situation the T̻ Tea Machine by Cambridge Consultants intends to address.

(Click the image below for full sized image)


Tê Tea Machine functional prototype (final design up top)

Unlike tea ampules that run through coffee-making systems, tea by Tê is made… properly, and in only two minutes per cup. Centrifugal spinning of the tea leaves through oxygenated water achieves the equivalent of passive steeping for a longer period, and the oxygenation helps avoid excessive tannin.

Cambridge, a UK product design consultancy, undertook this as an in-house project, devoting five people and 2,000 hours to the design process – now, all that’s needed is a manufacturer. Via Engadget.

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