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Taburet’s three-dimensional meshwork seat is made of birchbark strips.

Details: With her From Siberia collection Russian-born, Berlin-based designer Anastasiya Koshcheeva is turning an old Siberian handicraft from her hometown into compelling contemporary design. The products; a stool, containers and lights, are all made of strips of natural birchbark.


Says Koshcheeva, “The collection invigorates the craft and recovers traditional manufacturing birchbark techniques which are currently being forgotten.”


Each product presents the unique qualities of birchbark. The Taburet Stool’s three-dimensional meshwork is made of birchbark strips sewn and fixed together on a steel frame. The stable and springy seat creates an optical illusion as well as cushioning the stool in a decorative and comfortable way.


“The bark is soft, but also stiff enough to avoid sagging of the meshwork. Taburet shows how flexible, durable and strong the birchbark is.”


Tuesa Containers “are perfect for the storage of food, spices or tea. Thanks to the antibacterial and isolating qualities of birchbark, Tuesa can keep contents fresh two or even three times longer than conventional materials such as glass or plastics.”


“The vessels are very easy to handle: they are light, robust and have a soft and non-slip surface, even if they get wet.”


The containers are available in three different sizes.


“All the products of the series are manufactured by Siberian craftsmen with a lot of love and care, using traditional knowledge and only the best natural bark.”



The concept of the Svetoch Lamp is based on a traditional glueless craft method of joining birchbark parts together. “Svetoch produces a soft and diffused light, making every room homey and celebrating the material.”


See also: Koshcheeva’s Sibirjak lounge chair made of birchbark which debuted at Salone Satellite Moscow 2014.

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3 thoughts on “Taburet’s three-dimensional meshwork seat is made of birchbark strips.

Interesting mix of muted colour, shape and textures. H.

I wonder how durable that chair is. It is beautiful btw!

First May I say I love the idea of the birchbark chairs, but i’d really like to know is the Bark from a dead tree or alive tree??.. I’m Thinking Environmentally to get the bark from a standing tree would be killing and destroying many unnecessary trees that shouldn’t be killed…Just wanted to know because I care for all life..

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