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Solo exhibition by Barnaby Barford


Recent work by UK ceramics artist Barnaby Barford includes easily recognizable figurines in less than typical contexts. Barford reassembles and reworks porcelain sculptures to humorous effect. Kitsch takes on a contemporary flavour when the figurines break away from what is expected of them and strike out as they see fit. Barford’s cheeky vignettes of narrative sculpture are a delightful way to digest snippets of today’s culture. Also on view as part of this solo exhibition is Barford’s fantastic animated film, Damaged Goods.

Artist: Barnaby Barford



The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Virginia Beach is host to Barnaby Barford first solo show in the US. The exhibition runs through December 29, 2013.


Three Graces – Amy (detail)

Photograph by Noah Da Costa


Come on you lightweight – Down it!

Photograph by Theo Cook


Stick that on YouTube!

Photograph by Theo Cook

Lead photograph by Glen McClure

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