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Solid Gray Backpack by Herman Lijmbach and Jasper de Leeuw


Herman Lijmbach and Jasper de Leeuw have created a production version of their armadillo folded backpack prototype.


What was a design prototype is now available as a production piece that has considerably changed since the initial iteration. The Solid Gray backpack is now larger, can fit laptops up to 15.6 inches, and has new compartments for smartphones and small items.


The biggest change since the original prototype is the use of a completely different material, a polypropene block-copolymer that’s stronger and lighter than the previous material and can fold millions of times without breaking or tearing.


All the details, locks, buckles, and snaps are now made using the same material as the rest of the bag.


Recently launched at the 2011 Dutch Design Week, the first series comes in a glossy white finish. Each backpack has its own unique serial number, with the first run comprising 90 pieces.



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