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Smökers is a cabin that temporarily beautifies Manhattan’s steam pipes.

Details: designed by Mark Reigelman, Smokers consists of a miniature monochromatic wooden cabin, temporarily installed throughout New York City.


Says Reigelman, “The cabin replaces the brightly colored plastic steam tubes that dot the New York landscape, allowing the byproduct of the city’s essential industrial process, which provides power and heat to thousands of homes and businesses throughout the city, to be highlighted and subverted.”

Source: Via MOCO Submit.







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2 thoughts on “Smökers is a cabin that temporarily beautifies Manhattan’s steam pipes.

May 25, 2016 Sarah

What if these homes were actually temporary shelters for homeless people? You could use the heat from the vents for warmth. If someone could engineer that effectively, it would be useful.

Seems ironic to replace access to warmth that is often used by homeless people lying on grates with a facsimile of a suburban home.

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