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Self Made Furniture is literally self made, but doesn’t look it.

Details: UAU project’s Self Made Furniture (SMF) is a new collection designed to encourage and inspire people to become makers.


Shown here is SMF.01, the first product from the collection, a simple floor lamp.

Says UAU project, “Essential parts of all SMF are 3D printed, with wooden structure and add-ons available in local hardware stores. The idea was to make it as simple, cheap and available as possible.”


“The assembly is very simple and does not require any skill other than connecting parts together. You won’t have to use glue, nails or other messy products. Simply join all the pieces.”


“Be disruptive, make your own furniture!”


You can now download the 3D printable parts and instructions from the UAU project website or from Cults3D.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.




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