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Harry Wakefield
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Hotel Des Arts 415.956.3232
Posted on: May 2, 2005

desarts-blue-sm.jpg"At the Hotel des Arts, you are not limited to just observing art; you can live it!" - and, between the art gallery, the hotel's own painted "art rooms" - where pretty much every bit of available space has been done over in the style of any one of sixteen local artists - and the minimalist modern furnishings of the guest rooms that blend seamlessly into the background, you will be subsumed by art. Reservations at the des Arts' "painted rooms" can only be made by calling the hotel directly.

+ Hotel des Arts: 447 Bush St., San Francisco CA 94108
+ tel 415.956.3232

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Tru 415.399.9700
Posted on: Apr 6, 2005

tru-spa-small.jpgI don't spend much time in spas, but the simple and modern design of San Francisco's Tru pulled me inside for a closer look. Typical as well as less-common face & body treatments are available in one of the smoothest, most calming settings in the city. The entry area, rainforest room and the hallways between them are works of art in and of themselves - certainly plenty of eye candy, although I doubt most customers keep their eyes open long enough to really appreciate the interior. Some reviewers have called the space plush - I disagree. It is certainly comfortable, no doubt about it, but the smooth surfaces of glass, stone, metal and bamboo flooring (Tru donates a portion of its revenues to environmental causes) are more serene and meditative than "plush."

+ Tru Spa: 750 Kearny St., San Francisco CA 94108
+ tel 415.399.9700

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