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Harry Wakefield
August 2005

dinor-table-sm.jpgTasha Welch is an industrial and furniture designer living and working in the city whose cool and polished pieces run the gamut from a range of bent steel vases, birch and acrylic tables, various floating shelves and - for the time being, just one - an especially innovative loveseat.

Tasha is originally from Valdez, Alaska, and moved to San Francisco to study at the Academy of Art here. She has recently left Ruszel Woodworks to start her own firm; Studio Dinor's products are available at Den, Lounge, Friend and Swallowtail in San Francisco, Retro@Home and Lavezzo Designs in Emeryville, and Homework in Los Angeles.

+ Studio Dinor
+ t 415.218.4195

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Shoji Decor 877.746.5438
Retail Stores: Aug 9, 2005

shoji-lamp-sm.jpgSan Francisco-based Shoji Decór carry an enormous range of shoji and other paper lanterns - including a number of very nice (and very inexpensive) contemporary-styled floor and table lamps and shades. Some of their more uniquely-shaped lamps are an excellent (albeit less-sturdy) alternative to much higher-priced fixtures.

They also carry a line of shoji and fusuma papers, as well as shoji blinds and a few other types of items.

+ Shoji Decor: POB 320006, San Francisco Ca 94132
+ tel 415.242.6197 / 877.746.5438

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Jadora 415.346.2090
Retail Stores: Aug 4, 2005

jadora-shelf-sm.jpgWhile Alison Legge's Jadora has been building modern furniture (with a unique twist provided in part by Vietnam's French Colonial influence) since 2003, their first showroom - a 1700 square foot space on San Francisco's Union Street - just opened on July 26. With design and production offices located in Ho Chi Minh City, working with materials such as solid alder and willow (and walnut veneer) shipped from the US (as well as German hardware, Thai silk, and Italian textiles), Jadora is certainly an international brand. Their furniture, bedding, lamp, crystal and textile products are carried by a wide variety of retailers all over the world, including stores in the US, Panama, Puerto Rico, Kuwait and the Dominican Republic.

+ Jadora: 1774 Union St., San Francisco CA 94123
+ tel 415.346.2090

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