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Harry Wakefield
July 2005
San Francisco Architecture
Books & Magazines: Jul 19, 2005

sfa-book-sm.jpgI recently picked up a copy of Sally & John Woodbrodge's San Francisco Architecture: An Illustrated Guide to the Outstanding Buildings, Public Artworks, and Parks in the Bay Area of California, which is in a new, completely revised paperback edition. The book is more a catalog than a guidebook, with extensive information and photographs (over 600!) of a huge number of noteworthy and technically significant structures throughout the city. I grew up in the Bay Area and have spent a tremendous amount of time exploring the city on foot and bicycle and I was still amazed at how little I knew about its rich and varied architectural tradition.

The book covers new and old structures, including homes, commercial and even some industrial buildings, public art, parks and other engineered spaces. It's definitely a must-have for anyone interested in San Francisco architecture.

Adapt Design 415.640.0431
Designers: Jul 18, 2005

adapt-springchair-sm.jpgOakland-based Adapt Design use bent bamboo ply to construct an organic, curvy, sexy line of seating and low tables that fit just as well into a minimalist modern space as a richly colored and more ethnically-flavored room. Custom work, including a smooth and spare vanity and an innovatively-designed LP storage shelf system, show off the richness of their material of choice.

Adapt Design was awarded an OrganicAWARD in 2004 by OrganicARCHITECT, a green architecture firm and research group based in San Francisco.

+ Adapt Design: 5853 Virmar ave., Oakland Ca 94617
+ tel 415.640.0431

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Edge Modern Design Public 800.506.6541
Retail Stores: Jul 7, 2005

modernpublic-candela-sm.jpgOur friend Drew Sanocki notes that the good folks at Edge Modern are now known as Design Public. The same great lines of lighting, rugs, furniture, gifts, home accessories and baby goods are available, and they've added even more: a much-expanded line of Candela products (pictured: the 4-lamp set in "Madra" color scheme"), Angela Adams rugs in more than two dozen patterns, the very flexible furniture items in Blu Dot's modulicious storage system, Inhabit's Bloks ottoman (also in a huge range of colors and patterns), and lots of seating - such as Christopher Douglas' "Knock-Down Drag-Out" chair, "Ghost Antler" coat racks ... Well, you get the idea: they've got a huge range of items in stock, and a very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable staff.

+ Design Public: 300 Brannan St. #403
+ tel 800.506.6541

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