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Harry Wakefield
December 2004
Winter Market, January 26-29
Exhibitions & Shows: Dec 31, 2004

San Francisco Mart is the largest general furnishings market in the Western US and Canada, and their Winter Market pitches thousands of items from well over a hundred designers to buyers from hotels, home furnishings stores and a wide range of other customers. All Mart events, including the Winter Market, are open only to design professionals, although designers and builders may bring clients along with them to most events - but, unfortunately, not Winter Mart. The good news is it's reasonably easy to play designer-for-a-day, buy a $35 two-year membership and wander Winter Market to your heartís content.

San Francisco Mart
1355 Market Street
tel 415.552.2311


jared-chair-sm.jpgJared Rusten has a small furniture-making studio in San Jose, and will be showing some of his chairs at Design Within Reach in the Fillmore on February 10th. Some of his most recent chairs are made of salvaged California claro walnut and maple.

Rusten's craftsmanship - delicate joinery and smooth finishes - and the high-contrast and innovative design of his pieces is what really makes them stand out. I really appreciate seeing contemporary woodworkers stretching their abilities with such original and innovative shapes; if you're in the city, do try to stop by DWR on February 10 and see his work.

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Bay Area Modern: Looking Back
Architects & Contractors: Dec 21, 2004

bam-outside.jpgThe San Francisco bay area, due to having been planned and replanned by so many different people with so many different and seemingly conflicting plans for the area's future - combined with the unique topography and weather of the area - provides an especially varied canvas for architects and designers to work with and from. The range of styles visible in architectural design in the area is perhaps wider than anywhere else in the United States: while much of the world might see us all as living in Craftsman bungalows, Victorian row-houses, Mission haciendas and ultra-modern loft apartments, the reality, outside of certain historically-preserved areas and SoMA, is very different.

+ Turnbull; Esherick; Hill; Maybeck; Morgan
+ Wright's Marin Civic Center

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Phuze at SFMOMA
Accessories: Dec 15, 2004

Mexico-based design firm Phuze is now selling their striking fabricated crystal and glassware at the SFMOMA store in San Francisco. Designer Orfeo Quagliata's jewelry, tableware, furniture and vessels are bright and colorful; his firm has also done custom interiors (Sushi Groove in Mexico City) and won a "best of the best" mention in Metropolitan Home's annual Design 100 issue this year.

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Everyday Studio 415.421.1600
Accessories: Dec 14, 2004

pinkpanther.jpgEveryday Studio's "modern tails" line of very cool and very modern accessories for pet lovers are on sale through local retailers and Everyday Studio themselves.

The wall-mounted units are designed for the "contemporary canine" but are marketed, one wold assume, toward the pet owner. The products are made in small batches - no more than 250 of each unit at a time - in South San Francisco; each item is designed at the Everyday Studio itself in North Beach.

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