Modern Contemporary Design


Sandy Space Beach by Alex McLeod


Alex McLeod’s latest series of digital landscapes is entitled Outworld. Once again, McLeod leads the viewer into fantastical worlds that seem to be comprised of ceramic clouds, plastic pine trees and mirrored gems that sit upon slick surfaces. What appear to be carefully constructed dioramas are digitally modelled products of the artist’s rich imagination. Angell Gallery, where Outworld opens this week, says about the show, “…McLeod uses the video game’s virtual unreality as a jumping off point for the creation of new territories at the extreme ends of colour. Like postcards from another dimension, these lustrous visions of rainbow-hued crystalline islands, shimmering artificial beaches and shadow villages tantalize with their offer of impossible worlds made manifest.”

Artist: Alex McLeod



Outworld opens on April 27 at Angell Gallery in Toronto and runs through June 1, 2013.


Rainbow Hills




Cloud City 1

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