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Rollout – The Wanderlust Interview


Earlier this year, Anita Modha and Jonathan Nodrick of ROLLOUT presented their new Wanderlust wallpaper collection at IDS12 in Toronto. This week they are in New York for ICFF.

This sort of gallivanting plays into the travel theme of the collection, a theme that has universal appeal. The series is made up of various iconic images that can be ordered and printed up on demand, so clients can customize their space as dictated by a combination of personal nostalgia and the yearning for more adventure. We asked Anita to tell us more about this “visually transporting” collection.


Maturing Sun

You told us that the Wanderlust concept was derived from both a personal desire to travel as well as the will to connect to wallpaper from the past, which often featured travel themes. What took the concept to fruition?

I think it was our excitement at doing something very different than what we have done in the past. In the past we generally did most of the design work as well as worked with contemporary designers with our Artist Series. I think the curated collection, which includes our designs and those of contemporary designers and photographers mixed with master painters, patterns and photos, brings an interesting mix of imagery that can be used for wallpaper.


La Rive Gauche

So, would you call it a “mashup”?

Definitely a mashup! I think using different types of imagery from photo to illustration and from different time periods allows for a really interesting mix.

Curating can be challenging, what were your guiding principles for this project?

Curating definitely can be a challenge – our guiding principles for curating this specific collection were marketability, beauty and imagery that created moods.



The focus of the collection is Paris – how did you decide on the motifs?

We decided on the motifs by some research, but also using personal experience from our trips to Paris. Travel, nostalgia and your experiences with a city are intimate and so we used our own separate personal, and different, experiences as a launching pad and then critically reviewed each image to be included in the collection. Discussions in the studio included our whole team at points so as to get more concepts.

What were some of the personal experiences that made their way into the project?

Well, the whole collection hasn’t completely launched, but a pattern called Love Locks was created in-house specifically from being in Paris and seeing the love locks on the Pont de l’Archevêché, a bridge which crosses from Notre-Dame Cathedral to the Left Bank of the Seine. I love that idea, it seems so human to me.


Love Locks

Did both you and Jonathan agree on all of them?

Nope. Which is good as we have to decide what is going to work in the medium of wallpaper or how we play with scale and colour. Also, once we had a lot of imagery, we had to take a step back and look at them critically and not emotionally, which is interesting as that was how the process began.

Isn’t that counterintuitive? Isn’t an emotional connection/response what you are looking for?

I don’t think so – as we had already picked imagery that we had an emotional connection to/with – the next part, because of the emotional connection, was to edit these down to a solid collection that made sense and showed variety.



Well, there is no mistaking the variety in this collection of images and styles that brings the romance of the journey to the routine of every day. The delightfully difficult part (for the client) must be to decide on the one mood that will in out over the rest. The nice thing is, that with ROLLOUT’s selection, it’s hard to go wrong.


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