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Rising Shell is a fruit bowl that opens and rises like a budding flower.

Details: Robert van Embricqs’ Rising Shell is a decorative fruit bowl that adds a new dimension to bowls. Starting out flat a pattern of construction points can be seen, but then when it opens and the cut out, hinged bamboo wood beams rise, a bowl shape takes form.


When empty it can seamlessly be put away until needed again.

Says van Embricqs, “Constructed with laminated bamboo beams that guarantee firmness and durability, the Rising Shell also incorporates rubber technology. This combination of layered building materials make for a minimalist approach to design approach while ensuring a hinge system that is both safe and secure.”


The rubber is laminated between the bamboo on each beam creating a pattern that can be seen sideways. “It creates an interesting contrast between the two used materials when the Rising Shell is in open situation.”


Source: Via MOCO Submit.





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