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Rietveld Medina Chair by David van der Veldt

rietveld_medina_chair_david_van_der_veldt.jpg Traditional Moroccan materials such as copper thread and sheep bone are used to create patterns in this update on a classic by David van der Veldt, the Rietveld Medina Fauteil.




From David van der Veldt:

In August David van der Veldt was invited by Bas van Beek and Sophie Krier to take part in a project called “ICI Casa ville inventieve”. The project took place in Casablanca, Morocco. Through engaging in the daily life of Casablanca the designers would gain insight into Moroccan culture and perception. The results of the Dutch observation of this North-African city where showed during an exposition in the “Sacre Cour Eglise”, which took place during October 2010.

David is a Dutch designer who studied furniture making in Amsterdam, followed by studies at the Gerrit Rietveld academy, where he graduated from in 2009. He started his own firm DVDV Design, where he works with both established and new technologies combined with traditional crafts and the laws of nature. David is particularly interested in capturing beauty and its principles; applying these to his designs.

Throughout the project Van der Veldt was impressed by decorations engraved on wooden benches. In the Medina he found a small community consisting of furniture makers. Van der Veldt initiated a collaboration with an engraver Mohssine El Lyounssi and a carpenter Abdellah Lebchina remaking a crate fauteuil designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1934. After building a prototype the Rietveld Medina fauteuil was assembled with traditional geometrical Moroccan patterns decorated using copper threat and sheep bone.

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