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Protoshop: Growing Pot by Pipsa Kämäräinen

protoshop_growing_pot_lead.jpg Growing Pot expands as the plant grows when its belt is released and more soil is added. The roots remain safe, still inside the original pot, featured at Protoshop, along with other design prototypes.


Growing Pot by Pipsa Kämäräinen

“The pot is light and can be stored in a small space, it is also suitable for mass production.”


Tilkku ceramic tiles by Niina Aaalto

“The patterns of the tiles derive from the textile world.”


Pally Stool by Laura Väinölä

“By moving the colourful sticks you can create countless patterns for the seat.”


Pally Stool by Laura Väinölä


Kruunu waste container by Elina Koskelainen

“The container is easy to empty, since the corners of the newspaper are always dry and clean.”


Kulmio wall tiles by Maija Puoskari

“Kulmio is a pure white, three-dimensional wall tile, which creates an optical illusion.”


Mahla carafe by Outi Kuusimäki & Tero Jakku

“The idea for the Mahla carafe came from a wooden sauna log with a branch stub still attached to it. The solid body of the carafe remains constant, but the branch-like nozzle varies in shape and color, just like in nature.”

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