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PPC Brass Collection: Pin, Peg and Clip?? by ?llot llov

ppc_brass_collection_pin_peg_clip_llot_llov.jpg Cable brackets, the clothes peg and the pushpin get a fresh outfit.


Details: llot llov took a close look at the things that assist us every day, three functional everyday objects, and changed the material from plastic to polished brass. For Clip, the golden reinterpretation turns them into a shiny decoration, “They line up on the cable like little pearls on a necklace and are best described as jewellery for the wall.” says llot llov.


“The clothes peg leaves the line to conquer new terrain. On the desk it serves as a clip for notes, it seals bags and boxes in the kitchen and even works as a brooch on the lapel.”


“The subtle but noble brass version [of the pushpin] changes the pin’s area of use: Not only is it harmonious with wall decoration, but also the perfect hook for your jewellery.”


Source: Photos by Ender Suenni.

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