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Pollinators Paradise by Benjamin Spöth


“As you might already know; one third of our food (such as fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts) depends on pollination by insects.” Benjamin Spöth wants to help.


Pollinators Paradise is a modular garden-object that supports certain kinds of pollinators with shelter, places to breed and food.


Says Spöth, the “main pollinators are honey bees, wild bees, bumblebees, wasps, certain species of flies and beetles. While their species and habitats are shrinking, our continously growing population on planet earth is demanding more and more space and food.”


Beetles, wasps, bees or moths are all are welcome in Pollinators Paradise, a modular garden fencing system created to provide food and shelter to “nature’s creepy crawlies”. Individual elements can be integrated into the structure to cater to specific species.


There are hollow rods and twigs for nesting, hardy refuges for the winter and pots for flowering plants, guaranteeing a steady supply of nectar during the rest of the year.


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