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Play Communs Robot Construction Kit by Ultra Ordinaire

play_communs_robot_construction_kit_by_ultra_ordinaire.jpg The Play Communs Robot Construction Kit combines toy robots and craft with its acrylic frame that can be “dressed” with paper clothes.


Details: Each kit contains the body of the robot in clear Plexiglas, two led lights, a servo motor, an electric transformer, a pre-soldered, preset card, a cardboard model, the instructions for the assembly and how to personalize the character.


The handful of electronic components – colored Leds and servo technology – move and turn the head, the body and the arms of the character, “each one expressing a different personality and providing innovative ‘outside the box’ solutions” say the designers.


Invented and developed by French group Ultra Ordinaire, designers Nathalie Bruyère and Pierre Duffau, of studio Duffau & Associés, based in Toulouse, France. Play Communs will be on display at the Mini Maker Faire in in Bilbao, Spain between July 12th and 13th, 2014.


Source: Photos by Yohann Gozard.

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