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Picia lamps combine hand-blown glass and cork.

Details: In Venetian, yes it’s a language spoken in Veneto and it’s not Italian, Picia means tiny. Enrico Zanolla’s Picia is a range of table and suspension lamps designed to merge the process of hand-blown glass and the handmade production, on lathe, of natural conglomerate cork.


Says the designer, “The playful shape is inspired by the little helper of Gyro Gearloose, part of the Walt Disney’s Duck universe, whose comic books filled the [my] childhood.”


“The simplicity of shape and use of a classic material like glass and unusual in its combination such as cork create a gorgeous contrast, enhanced by the colours palette chosen for the glass adding a contemporary feel.”


“[I] wanted to emphasize the delicate match of glass and cork, drawing the attention on it as an elegant and functional detail allowing the shade to be removed easily for bulb changing. In the table version the wiring is hidden in the small base thanks to a matte black steel cap completing the lamp.”


The lamps were showcased during Milan Design Week 2015 and are part of a wider collection by Zanolla.



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