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Philips Hue lux

philips_hue_lux.jpg Philips adds white to the Hue connected lighting system.

Details: After producing a version with thousands of colour possibilities, Philips has created a white-only 750 lumen LED version of the Philips Hue, called lux, for areas of the home where bright functional white light is needed.


Like previous Hue versions, lux is dimmable using a smartphone or tablet and takes advantage of all the connected features available through the Philips Hue app as well as third party apps, such as IFTTT; wake up call, guard dog, personal assistant, and more.


Examples of programmability include having the lux blink to let the user know a new email is waiting, or if wearing the Jawbone Up fitness wristband, detecting when the user wakes in the morning and switching on the Hue lux on in the bathroom.

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