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Pavilion of the Blind by Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins

pavilion_of_the_blind_jennifer_marman_daniel_borins.jpg Common vertical blinds are transformed into art in the kinetic Pavilion of the Blind.

Video via Blouin Artinfo

Details: One of the many artworks that will be on show at the 2014 edition of Art Toronto, Pavilion of the Blind is a large-scale kinetic installation that consists of mechanized vertical blinds, shades, panel systems (custom coloured), motors, and a micro controller.


Triggered by a motion detector, the pavilion arranges and rearranges itself into a series of constantly hanging abstract compositions. Art Toronto opens October 24 to 27, 2014 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


“Pavilion of the Blind (2013) is a large-scale kinetic installation, featuring a colourful array of window blinds, panels and shades. Pavilion of the Blind arranges and rearranges itself into a series of constantly hanging abstract compositions. Movement is triggered by a motion detector and controlled by a microcomputer housed within the structure. The title of this work is both a visual pun and a reference to H.G. Wells’ 1939 text The Country of the Blind, a parable that reflects upon the nature of vision, and how we communicate our visual experience with others. The Pavilion functions as a window into the mind of the artist, running through a seemingly endless series of pictorial themes and variations. The piece is at times opaque and contained, yet the transitions in the position of the components allow for transparency. Pavilion of the Blind plays with the concepts of opacity and transparency, raising questions about changeable reality, barriers to perception, the filtering of information and the mediated experience. Pavilion of the Blind allows for a thoughtful and somewhat paradoxical commentary on artistic practice and the nature of abstraction. This is first time Pavilion of the Blind will be exhibited in Toronto.”

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