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Osanpo Stools by Masakazu Hori

hori_osanpo.jpg The Osanpo series of stools by Masakazu Hori are inspired by different breeds of dog: (from left to right) Chihuahua, dachshund, bulldog and Labrador retriever. These steel pipe benches can be used for seating or as plant stands.



Waiting is a stainless steel individual fruit or vegetable stand that allows the user to create various dog-inspired kitchen tableaus.


Happy Tail

Happy Tail is a desk lamp based on dogs wagging their tails with joy. The steel rod lamp is available either as a seated dog or a standing one.



Masakazu Hori combines his experience in pet product design and that of working with steel in his bicycle design background. Hori hails from Sakai, Japan, which is also home to an important steel industry.

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