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Ornamental Headdresses by Virág Ildikó Erdei

ornamental_headdresses_virag_ildiko_erdei.jpg Like the twigs and flowers used to decorate sculptures and altars in Japanese Ikebanas, Milliner Virág Ildikó Erdei’s flower arrangements “embrace the face as lightly as air.”


Details: A special process of starching silk floss headdresses, hat shades and buckles that curl like paper, enables it to “almost float around the face” says the designer.


Classically handcrafted models with vivid colours and unique forms characterize Erdei’s brand, Masamod.


“In the upsweeps of the handcrafted headdress collection the ethereal weightlessness of silk and the swirl of emotions blend with flowers, leaves and petals symbolizing eternal femininity.”


Via MOCO Submit.


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