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On Time by Joe Doucet

on_time_joe_doucet.jpg From @JoeDoucet for @WantedDesign, an intriguging exhibit of concepts and experiments that challenge perceptions and experiences of time.

Says Doucet, “We spend time, make time and indeed view time essentially as experiences, but can we translate these experiential notions of time into objects of beauty?”



TimeFramed is mechanical device from an imagined past, which takes exactly one minute to complete its circuit, “a minute can also become a pattern, a motion or a series of interconnected events that can have nothing at all to do with how we tell time.”



“While it’s true that every minute counts, there are more interesting ways of getting there than watching a second hand tick 60 times. Synk uses sub-bass frequencies within a liquid medium to intensify the ticking sound of a clock and create visible sound waves so that you not only see, but feel time tick away.”



“For centuries, the hourglass was used by man to define the passing of a specific time period. Oroborus loops in on itself to defy the finite aspect of the conventional hourglass and recognize time as an infinite concept.”



“In an age where technology directs a constant bombardment of our senses, where tablet computers and smartphones mean we are reachable 24/7, OneSense obliterates environmental sight and sound with the effect of suspending time for the wearer. Borrowing from nature’s symbols for warning and defense, OneSense utilizes the color red and a display of spikes to alert others to stay away and not disturb.”



“One of the most contentious issues surrounding time is its effects on physical properties over the long term.  What is perceived as character to one is viewed as crime to another. The unfinished solid walnut cone will age and gain patina over the years, changing a little each day, just like ourselves. Similarly, the mirror at its base lets the user see how they change with time as well.”



“Many people embrace art as a hobby that let’s them pass out days, inspire their souls and develop their psyche. Triptick’s three paint brushes, representing these three goals, allow the user to create works that represent art’s multidimensional character through the joyful surprise that is the outcome of each painting.”



“The way we spend time in our urban green spaces is evolving, but cities have largely failed to address our more fluid lifestyles and understand that work and play now converge through technology. ParkLife reflects this blurring of work time and play time by combining comfortable outdoor seating with external electrical outlets and WiFi capability to ensure parks remain inviting, beautiful and relevant.”

On Time will be presented at Wanted Design May 18 to 21, 2012. More at Joe Doucet.

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