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On Time – an exhibition about time, situations and objects

on_time_exhibition_about_time_situations_objects.jpg Klubben, the Norwegian Designers Union, invited 17 designers to each create an object based on a given moment, a specific hour and minute in time for On Time, an exhibition about time, situations and objects. Above, Herman Clock by Hallgeir Homstvedt.

Erlend Bleken_223.898.jpg

223.898 by Erlend Bleken (18:26)

On Time presents 17 objects all designed as an interpretation of a specific moment in time. “The moments spread out through 24 hours and include both night and day time.” says Klubben.

günzler.polmar_marbled cups.jpg

Marbled Cups by günzler.polmar (12:48)

“We wished to provide inspiration for different settings or scenarios the designers could use as starting points for their work, and the result is the 17 brand new objects which are presented in the exhibition.”

Ingrid Aspen_Sound of Wood.jpg

Sound of Wood by Ingrid Aspen (17:03)

“Time. Place. Space. We divide the hours. The days. The weeks. The years. Mark the time using numbers, letters and decimals. Mark anniversaries. Without time, we are nothing, but time is also nothing; Time is simply what we choose to fill it with, or not to fill it with.”

Maria Bjørlykke_TeaTins.jpg

TeaTins by Maria Bjørlykke (21:17)

The designers featured are; Amy Hunting og Oscar Narud, Erlend Bleken, gunzler.polmar, Hallgeir Homstvedt, Ingrid Aspen, Joachim Wallen Rasmussen, Kristine Bjaadal, Kristine Five Melvær, Marianne Anderssen, Marte Frøystad, Maria Bjørlykke, Martin Solem, Marius Myking, Petter Skogstad, Runa Klock, Siv Lier and Sverre Uhnger.

Siv Lier_No Worries.jpg

No Worries by Siv Lier (01:27)

On Time will be presented at DogA in Oslo from June 20th to August 25th, 2013 and then at “Now! Le Off” during Paris Design Week from September 9th to 15th, 2013.

Sverre Uhnger_Neer.jpg

Neer by Sverre Uhnger (00:01)

Marianne Andersen_Just Sleep on It.jpg

Just Sleep On It by Marianne Andersen (02:54)

Marte Frøystad_Natt.jpg

Natt by Marte Frøystad (04:16)

Marius Myking_Duality.jpg

Duality by Marius Myking (05:40)


Rise & Shine by Hunting & Narud (08:33)

Kristine Bjaadal_Siska Coffee Grinder_photo_Ellen Johanne Jarli.jpg

Siska Coffee Grinder by Kristine Bjaadal (11:21)

Runa Klock_Pedding Bowl.jpg

Peddig Bowl by Runa Klock (14:12)

Joachim Wallem Rasmussen_Lysestake.jpg

Lysestake by Joachim Wallem Rasmussen (15:34)

Martin Solem_Norwegian Oil-702x468.jpg

Norwegian Oil by Martin Solem (19:52)

Kristine Five Melvær_Multi_photo_Erik Five.jpg

Multi by Kristine Five Melvær (22:41)










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