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Oldhamii Tables by NEL

nel_oldhamii_lead.jpgThese Oldhamii tables by NEL are hexagonal arrangements of bamboo set within iron framework. The species used is the Bambusa oldhamii grown by the Tosepan cooperative in Mexico’s Cuetzalan community.


Each modular section is formed out of the outer circumference of the bamboo, which gives it a slightly curved aspect and lends itself well to the floral or star shape within the hexagon.


No matter what size or shape of table, the modules are all produced the same way as far as cutting and assembly goes. The framework is provided by blacksmith shops in Mexico City.


NEL, a collective of Mexican designers, participated in Uniendo Puntos (Connecting the Dots), an exhibition with a focus on the connection between Latin-American and Spanish Design. The exhibition, launched during Valencia Disseny Week, was curated by Luis Eslava.

NEL is made up of Ricardo Casas, Alejandro Castro, Héctor Esrawe, Emiliano Godoy, Cecilia León de la Barra.

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