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Nuage Lamp by Philippe Nigro

nuage_lamp_philippe_nigro.jpg Via @architonic, a lamp with five asymmetrical modules that overlap to create a unique moiré effect.

Says Nigro, “Optical art was a movement from the ’60’s – ’70’s that played on the optical effect of various forms. When you move around these works the physical appearance of the sculpture or painting changes and this is an aspect I wanted to make part of this design.”

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“Nuage has three important elements, the main diffuser which is a sort of body containing the fluorescent bulbs, hidden by a series of modules that resemble petals wrapped around a luminous center … that seem to float around the diffuser and above the wall”.


“… it’s a lamp that with different moments of discovery, from far away it looks like a rather blurry luminous mark, and then as you move closer you see that it’s made up of lots of details, the gills, the modules, in reality it’s vert rich.” More at Foscarini.

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