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No tea, no sofa, no me by Diango Hernandez


This play on objects by Diango Hernandez is a look at the cultural meanings of the items with which we surround ourselves. When working with found objects he searches for the stories that lend the work a point of departure. No tea, no sofa, no me is an installation inspired by Cuba’s tea culture, synonymous with the pre-revolution bourgeoisie. Leg me, chair me, love me is indicative of functionality can only be resent when an object is complete. When fragmented, the meaning is cultural. Almost falling is a new installation currently taking pace in Milan, alluding “to the idea of waiting, of torture, but also to situations of power and elevation.”

Artist: Diango Hernandez



Almost Falling appears at Federico Luger in Milan through February 18th, 2011.


No tea, no sofa, no me


No tea, no sofa, no me


Leg me, chair me, love me


Almost falling

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