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The members of Chicago-based think/thing aspire to “give form to thought” by concentrating foremost on the ideas, dreams, and goals of a design. By means of this methodology, nestt aims to be the best car seat in the world. More after the jump… Jw

Anyone who has ever wrestled a child into a traditional car seat can attest to the difficulty and discomfort involved for both parent and child. Likewise, the typical seat’s drab aesthetic does little to compliment a lush car interior. nestt offers an elegant solution by combining security with ease, featuring single-handed tilt and swivel with almost no moving parts.


Side impact protection, form-fitting seat pads and ergonomic adjustments specific to infants or toddlers add safety and comfort for the child.



nestt cushions can be swapped out and customized with a multitude of colors.

For more information on nestt, visit think/thing’s product page.

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