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My Top5 This Week


Call me crazy, but,

A Sunday review by Sally.

1. Portable Boombox by Edifier

Call me crazy, but, isn’t, every, boombox, portable?


2. Under My Roof by Christian Vivanco

Yesterday I was shopping at a popular office supply store called Office Max. It was soul-draining. Everything was matte and grey, but not in a MacBook Pro kind of way. Products that you don’t need but perhaps could make your daily life a little more convenient (pre-cut tape dispenser) were made out of plastic and then covered in more plastic so that they could be sold to you. It was a pretty traumatic experience and it left me wondering how damaging these products are to the spirits of the people who buy them. Surrounded by plastic, life’s fantastic. Thankfully people like Christian Vivanco exist and they aim (I actually have no idea if that was the designer’s intention) to change the dullness you find throughout the corporate interiors of modern business. I’m not so much interested that this was inspired by the traditional red-roofed Nordic cottage as I am in that it’s colorful and a pleasure to look at, which is exactly what would motivate a worker to use it. People need beauty in their life.


3. House Lights by Kristian Aus

Recently I had the realization that I really, desperately want a house. Not a fancy condo with top tier finishes and stainless steel appliances, but a single-family residence where all the walls belong to me and I can plant whatever I want in my front yard (provided there isn’t a pesky HOA around). Unfortunately I’m a writer and a shoe fanatic, so I’m very far from my financial goal of being able to write a check for a down payment (I also live in San Francsico, where the one bedroom, one bathroom houses start at 650K). Because of this, I’ve had a certain admiration for shapes and designs that represent homes. I mean, I’ve always admired them because of what they represent, but until you know how hard it is to obtain one, you don’t really appreciate them to the fullest extent. I took it for granted and now I’m sad. Thankfully lights like this exist, so until I have my own home, I can look at it to remind myself of what to look forward to.


4. Spiral Shelf by Argue Design

Just what every interior needs, a bunch of dirty laundry stuck in some barbed wire that’s attached to your wall.


5. House on the Hill by Miguel Barahona

I’m not a dramatic person, but I started crying when I saw this house. I so desperately want to live in a MacBook Air that has a living roof and killer views of the hills of Spain. And the floorplan porn is seriously grinding my gears. I’m going to go cry in my shower now. Have a great weekend.

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