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My Top5 This Week


My problem with cold, characterless contemporary architecture is that I always want to make out with it.

A Sunday review by Sally.

1. Casa De Uno by Dear Architects

Look at you, Casa De Uno. With your fine self. I love the way you move across the dance floor. And your beautiful concrete stairs that probably don’t have a railing. You so fine.


2. Geometric Knot Theory by Matt W. Moore

I don’t know why, but this weekend’s theme is me advocating ingesting peyote and then reading MOCO LOCO. I’ve never even tried peyote (and never will – I’m too old for that s**t), but I hear it’s the shortest and most insane trip ever. Can you imagine befriending this art after your high kicked in? “vectorfunk graphic posters inspired by classic Rorschach tests.” Are you f**king kidding me? This is basically a Harry S. Thompson article.


3. Sleepy Chair by Daisuke Motogi

I know the designer thinks this chair “provides a space of warmth and happiness,” but let’s keep it real. Happiness is being able to stretch your legs out and not worry about spilling your coffee on your white upholstery.


4. Fungi Lamp Series by Andreas Kowalewski

I don’t want to romanticize drug use, but this would be so cool on acid. Granted, I’m currently not on any mind-altering substances and this lamp series is pretty fantastic. But if I did drop some hallucinogens (I’m speaking for a friend) it would be oh so much cooler. P.S. The nylon webbing is blowing my mind.


5. Weather Inside by Tijmen van Gurp

I have no idea what the f**k this is (the artist statement is cryptic), but it looks like a weapon from the future. Into it!

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