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My Top5 This Week


Like everyone else in the states I have recently watched Tron Legacy. How about the houses in there, eh?

A Sunday review by Sally.

1. FNS Apartments by reinhardtjung

I mean the rebellious son lives in some type of shipping container dude pad, and the dad lives in a f**king rock with white floors and Ghost chairs and mercury glass balls and other stuff that I can’t remember because I went to a tiki bar beforehand. Anyway the whole point is that these FNS apartments seem like something heavily inspired by Tron. Sure, I know they weren’t because it’s not like you develop a concept, draft a budget, get funding and then renovate two apartments mere days after you see a movie. But I’m thinking this is a happy coincidence.


2. Through the looking glass by Romy van den Broek

Whoa, what the f**k. “the mirror functions as a touch screen and uses motion capturing software.” What? Is this an episode of CSI? What’s going on here, Romy van den Broek?


3. Modernatique Chair by Cho Hyung Suk

Doing this makes me feel cheap, but I can’t deny my feelings: I agree with the designer, this design combines modern and antique styles. Usually I’d be like “ugh, what a copout! Next design will be ‘inspired by nature!’ Amirite?”


4. Rechter House by Pitsou Kedem Architects

I really get off on the smell of old, musty books. I will probably never embrace the iPad. I’m like those old people writers who took ten years to finally can the typewriter and switch to a computer. Anyway, when I see a wall of books – especially in this setting – I get a girl boner.


5. Minera Carafe by Studio NOCC


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