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My Top5 This Week



A Sunday review by Sally.

1. Beat Pack by Studio LOOP

Seriously, isn’t there some type of weird mental thing where people fall in love with objects? I watched a documentary on it. There was a lady who married the Eiffel Tower, a woman who had a sexual relationship with her crossbow, and I think one more person who had deep feelings for a fence. Anyway, I feel that way about this staircase.


2. Lightboy & Lightgirl by Ricardo Garza Marcos

This design is bland enough that I think it’ll become a best seller. My only beef with it is that the architect who’s behind the design has already deemed them “iconic.”


3. upCycle Bicycle Grips by Sruli Recht

I’m going to forgive the use of “upCycle” and instead focus on the beauty (I’m feeling cheery this morning). These grips are f**king badass. Seriously, folks. How cool would you look cruising down the block on one of these things? Gimme!


4. Purple Clay Flower Holder by Yunlong Liu

I’m going to have to checks with the editorial team, as I’m 50% sure this was recently featured on Regretsy.


5. PILA Kitchenset by Nina Schymczyk

My apartment is the size of some women’s walk-in closets. I appreciate this cluster of kitchen ware. You see, God is not making any more space, especially in the case of my apartment. I need all the cabinet and counter space I can get. This stacked set could easily take center stage on my counter because it’s aesthetically pleasing and also very functional. Win!

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