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What state are the visual arts in now? Maybe that’s too much of a big picture question. Let’s look at the details instead. What statements are our artists making about themselves and the times they find themselves in? It’s Art Week at MoCo Loco – where we explore that question, and more, with artists all week long.

We asked a few artists who have been featured recently on Art MoCo for their own points of view on where they stand right now. Most visual artists speak through their work, but we wanted to present a different image, one of the flesh and blood behind the art; its pulse, if you will.

The perspective is refreshing. These artists are positive, passionate and full of enthusiasm – their energy is infectious. So much so that we decided to devote this week at MoCo Loco to visual arts and the artists who live them. “Make Art” – not just Tricia Choi’s theme (above), but this week, ours too.

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