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My State of the Art: Dan Kenneally


Dan Kenneally eats sandwiches and paints them, too. Kenneally believes in skill, craft and a certain lightness of being.



I’m happy as an artist right now. I’m creating things that I like, and I think it’s because I’m making what I want. Instead of what others consider art to be. Realism is impressive, but I don’t see the point in re-creating what is already in this world.

The recession has affected people at every level, whether they admit it or not. For me, it has meant that I have to work a full-time job to support my art. Creating is very important to me, but so is having the best life that I can. And although artists like Van Gogh created amazing legacies, their lives were not admirable. So my goal is to see the day when my art will comfortably support me.

The economy is also affecting some people in a strange way. Everyone’s job is more demanding and draining which is making people question what they really want to do. A lot of people are inspired to create as a result of this.


Peanut Butter & Jelly

I admire Jeff Koons and Murakami. I think art shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Of course it should be done with skill and craft, but I think it’s refreshing to see something more lighthearted.

I think the people who will survive are the ones that will continue to make work that no one has seen before. The artists that have the strength and passion to stick through the tough times will also survive.

I think one great thing about creating art today, is the exposure you can get on the web. You don’t need to rely on the opinions of galleries to get your work seen on a bigger scale. The other positive part about the web is that we are exposed to more styles and ideas than ever before, inspiring more people to create new things.



Photo by Henry S. Dziekan III

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