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Mushroom Lamp by h220430


h220430’s Mushroom Lamp is a symbol of the need to continue to advocate for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

The stats, or knowing that there are currently over 23,000 nuclear weapons in existence, caused h220430, led by Satoshi Itasaka, to create the Mushroom lamp to heighten understanding and create discussion.


Named after a slowly disintegrating ice shelf in the Antarctic Peninsula, the Larsen C is an acrylic vessel that can be used as a toothbrush holder …


Or a bud vase. A chiselled reminder about global warming.


Edoma is named after a massive layer of ice in the Siberian permafrost that contains a great deal of methane.


Once the permafrost and then Edoma start to melt, global warming will be an even greater problem. The lamp reflects this seemingly distant issue.


Also from h220430, the Rubber Stool starts out cut from a single sheet of recycled rubber…


Then the legs are bent into shape and connected.


Elegant and comfortable, the stool can be rolled up again for easy storage.


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