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MoCo Submissions


+ Qing Zuo (Please Sit Down) is a fully functional porcelain seat by Judith Van Den Boom.


+Jurgen Dahlmanns’ Rug Addict collection includes this new, yet timeless, message.


+ Supermandolini’s new Shooting Target line features earrings, a necklace, a poster and a canvas.


+ The LaLa chair by Danilo Calvache is made of 2.4 metres of wood. This one looks as though it needs to be tried out.


+ Drzach & Suchy create panels of laser-cut foam that take on a different appearance depending on time of day. On the left is the morning view, and the view in the evening is on the right.

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One thought on “MoCo Submissions

June 3, 2008 Retnug

wow…love that knitted chair, would like to have one in my kitchen

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