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Mobile Hospitality by Ania Rosinke and Maciej Chmara


Ania Rosinke and Maciej Chmara’s Mobile Gastfreundschaft (mobile hospitality) is a wheelbarrow kitchen-table with ten folding stools.


“Responsibility for the outdoor space, for most … residents stops at their garden fence.” says Rosinke and Chmara.


Their response, Mobile Hospitality, is an example of an important element of Rosinke and Chmara’s design work – responsibility and self-initiative in public space.


“On the one hand it [public space] does not belong to anyone, on the other hand it belongs to all, but it is merely used by us actively, as it was in former times. It has decreased to the background of our everyday activities… mobile hospitality starts just here.”


“We were driving with the wheelbarrow kitchen, -table and ten folding stools from place to place to sit and eat in public space with spontaneously joining passers-by. At this big table, design meets delight and generates a very good opportunity to get to know each other.”


“The formal language of the objects is kept very clear and deals consciously with DIY aesthetics. All the objects are made out of massive wood and replenished with additional functions, like for example a foot pump for running water or pots with growing spices.”


The Mobile Gastfreundschaft white edition is now produced by Austrian furniture company NWW (neue Wiener Werkstätten)

“An important aim for our design process was to bring a smile to people passing by and to communicate with very basic means the sensuality and delight of food-culture.”


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