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laneway, “Unsatisfied with what the housing market had to offer, Pete and Suzanne set off to transform a small urban back lot into a sensitive house that questions how we deal with our environment by challenging our conventional definition of ‘home’.” Watch the video. Via architechnophilia and TreeHugger.

This week’s MoCo picks.


+ Adam Friedberg’s Cambridge Houses, House 1 and House 2. Via eye candy.


+ Schemata Architecture Office‘s 71.4 m2 63.02° House, built at 63.02° to the road.


+ designboom’s coverage of the 2008 Stockholm Furniture Fair; around the greenhouse pt. 1, around the greenhouse pt. 2, around the greenhouse pt. 3, jonas wagell & bjurstrom design, yuniic, northern lighting and ny svensk slöjd.

+ Core77’s Stockholm Design Week Photo Gallery Preview and another preview, that of the Danish design debut in Milan.

+ Tom Kuhne’s Supersystem Shelves, “these shelving rails mix a little leaning bookcase with an art ledge. The slim lines of Supersystem rest on the ground and are anchored to the wall”. Via Apartment Therapy.

+ The Incredible Flat Pack Super Colossal Cubby House. Via swissmiss.

+ Artist-designer Tanya Aguiñiga’s innovative furniture, watch the video as she “muses on the juxtaposition of worlds and what it means be able to say, ‘A woman made this.'”. Via design*sponge.

+ Alessi‘s Spring/Summer 2008 collection featuring an egg-shaped Pop-Up bottle cap opener and a corkscrew, salt grinder and pepper mill set titled, and Via Cool Hunting.

+ You never think of contemporary architectural masterpieces being destroyed by fire, yet UN Studio’s Villa NM succumbed to flames this week. Via Apartment Therapy.

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