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This week’s MoCo picks.


+ Office of Mobile Design‘s prefab Portable Showhouse. More here and here.


+ Nuno Grande and Pedro Gadanho’s Casa em Carreço (aka Orange House) weekend retreat in Viana do Castelo, Portugal @ Arkinetia. “The design adapts the program to a narrow and long plot, with a smooth slope, over the Atlantic shore. Minimizing landscape impacts, and skipping the legal setback, the main volume ‘moulds’ itself to the site’s topography through the cantilevered extension of the upper floors.”.


+ Valenzuela, Rivera, Mackay’s Casa Umbral at La Reserva, in Colina, Chile @ Plataforma Arquitectura.


+ CA Boom’s House Tour #4 featuring Bestor Architecture‘s Panel House, the White Marble Residence, and Space International‘s VillaCasa.


+ Rug Star’s Mix & Match rugs. Via DESIGNSPOTTER.


+ Jorre van Ast‘s New Tools for Old Problems, “With his ‘clampology’ and related ‘clamp a leg’ products, van Ast makes ordinary objects more convenient to use, making them easily accessible and versatile.” @ Inhabitat.


+ Elica’s Star Extractor Hood/ chandelier, has a “highly decorative spherical form, an entrancing cascade of crystal, [that] is composed of hundreds of tiny glass prisms”. Via Appliancist.


+ The Bouroullec brothersFacett Carver and Dining chair for Ligne Roset @ RESETDESIGN.


+ Front Design’s Sketch Furniture “sketched in 3D space and digitized with motion tracking in a studio. The tracked 3D sketches were then produced with rapid prototyping” @ Reluct. Watch the video.


+ More Buenos Aires Design Festival coverage @ Core77.


+ Stuart Haygarth’s Aladdin floor lamps made of secondhand glassware; “The collections are housed in lightbox vitrines resembling museum showcases, which would normally be used to display artefacts but here actually function as floor lights. When illuminated the glassware magically glows like jewels.” @ NYTimes via Apartment Therapy.


+ Kuldeep Malhi‘s ceramic wall art @ design*sponge. “Kuldeep Malhi works with ceramics in a textile or painterly way. The wallpieces are like woven tapestries in their tactile qualities and shades of colour.”.


+ Azumi and David‘s Packing Tape Bangles, part of their SS07 collection. Via Why Not?


+ Francesco Ravo’s kitchen concept for Obumex, “a contemporary structure that brings storage space and built-in appliances harmoniously together”. Via Trendoffice.

+ Wallpaper magazine founder Tyler Brûlé to launch Monocle magazine @ Apartment Therapy. More here.

+ TreeHugger Asks: Who Are Some Great Industrial Designers?

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