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Lian Dome Lamp by Sebastian Herkner


A simple, glass dome lit from beneath is the perfect display case for tiny treasures while acting as ambient lighting.



Sebastian Herkner’s Lian was a hit at Salone Satellite, thanks to its simplicity and invitation for playfulness. By using a miniature dinosaur to highlight how Lian can be used, Herkner put a smile on visitors’ faces and got the creative juices flowing. How much fun can you have with Lian? We’ve seen a small cactus and other objects, but each installation is up to individual taste.



This Chalice suspension lamp, also by Herkner, is made up of three stacked glass shades, which create an effective variation in hue. The glass is hand blown and tinted.



The Chalice table lamp is set into a base made out of felt, which gives the lighting a unique identity.



Sharing the stand with Herkner was Reinhard Dienes, who showed his Friday lamp, an obvious complement to Herkner’s Chalice lighting. Friday, which can be used hanging or set upon a table, is a combination of pressed aluminium and blown glass.


Le Belge

Also on display was Le Belge, a collection of simple oak tables of varying heights. What sets this table apart is the butterfly screw that secures that tabletop to the legs. Tighten the screw, increase the pressure and keep those legs in place.



Dienes’ free-standing kitchen pantry includes a mini-greenhouse component where users can grow herbs beneath a fluorescent lamp.



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