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Léi Zǔ Shoe Collection (1st Edition) by Nicole Goymann & Christoph John

Raw silk: Lei Zu Shoe Collection (1st Edition) by Nicole Goymann and Christoph John are elegant dress shoes formed from wound single filaments of raw silk, bound by their natural glue.


Details: 100% reeled raw silk upper, mulberry paper sole, 100% acrylic heel. Lei Zu is the legendary Chinese empress who tradition says discovered silk and invented the silk loom. Collection on display at Triennale di Milano, Milan Design Week, 8-13 Apr 2014.


Designers: Nicole Goymann is a German designer with a Masters in dressmaking, pattern construction and apparel design, currently exploring Chinese crafts heritage via textiles, in Hangzhou, China. Christoph John is a German product, furniture and car designer, currently at PINWU Design Studio in Hangzhou.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.




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