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Left lamp can be left on the floor, on a shelf, or against the wall.

Details: Left lamp is a “versatile, simple and personal luminous object” designed by Luca Corvatta.


It’s also a deceptively simple object, in the form of an oak or walnut plank 82cm long, 10cm wide and 3cm deep, but with a touch sensitive surface that acts as an on/off switch and dimmer.


Says Corvatta, “Depending on the orientation or positioning, Left can create different lighting effects to set the mood of the room. Thanks to Left’s functional shape, it can be placed in a variety of locations: on the floor, on a shelf, or against the wall.”


The light source is an 18 watt LED and the power cord is available in a variety of color options. Production is limited to 50 pieces.


Source: Photos by Andrea Basile. Via MOCO Submit.







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2 thoughts on “Left lamp can be left on the floor, on a shelf, or against the wall.

July 10, 2015 Anthony Liaw

Why don’t you think to disapperance the cable?
I have solution to improvement this product.

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